Postcard business app

Advertise on personal postcards

Business clients can use our postcard business app to advertise on personal postcards. This serice is efficient and attracts attention. The business postcard app by Österreichische Post will take care of all the work involved in a premium direct mailing campaign. In addition, you have the option of rewarding your clients with a free postcard (giveaway) and build customer loyalty towards your business in the process.

  • Added section
    The postcard and the added section offer plenty of space for your personalised advertising message both on the front and on the back. Design the added section as desired using images, texts, colours, and logos. You will be sure to attract the clients' attention. Define an advertising goal and create the copy to match that goal, from neutral to emotional. You can provide information about a specific product or promote your company, address a specific target audience or address your message to the general public. Certificates in the form of voucher codes are a great gift for your clients that can be placed in the added section. Your personalised advertising message on a personal postcard immediately creates trust.
  • Advertising text
    Your advertising text placed above the client's personal text should be short and to the point. Your company's slogan is a great option. The advertising text should not exceed 140 characters.

  • You define your advertising message (select photo, text, logo, slogan)
  • The client will define their postcard using the postcard app
  • We will print your postcards immediately and will ship it with your advertising message using the fastest possible delivery option.

Clients can create their digital postcard directly in the app and customise it. Subsequently, these postcards will be sent with an advertising message previously defined by you. This allows you to promote your product, service, or business on a personalised greeting card among friends and family as well.
Use a template to create your personalised advertising message and send us your ready-to-print data that will be saved in our system.
On the postcard's front and back, place your advertising artwork (photos, logos, vouchers, slogans, etc.), where it will be immediately visible. In times of mass mailing campaigns, recipients will appreciate personalised postcards and be open to their message. 
Designing the front:

The added section on the postcard's front provides space for you to include your customised advertising message directly next to the client's personal picture. Get creative and attract your clients' attention with your very own mix of photos, images, text, slogans. At the same time, you will leave a positive impression on your clients' friends and family
Designing the back:

Use this space to thank your clients and send them a voucher code or promote your latest product.
Place your advertising text or voucher on the left of the added section right next to the client's personal message. You also have the option of adding a short advertising text, e.g., a catchy slogan, just above the client's personal message.

  • Attention-catching advertising effect with little effort
  • Postcards as give-aways
  • Advertising text, photo, logo, and voucher code can be combined and customised as needed
  • Define the validity of your voucher code as desired
  • Advertising effect can be quantified with the amount of used codes

  • Free assistance for all steps from the initial idea to its execution
  • Generates personalised voucher codes
  • Postcard production
  • Mail posting and shipping (domestic and international)
  • Will be charged depending on the amount of used codes or at a fixed rate