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The corporate procurement service of Österreichische Post Group is responsible for procurement for all company subsidiaries. It includes the corporate procurement service and local procurement departments and procurement coordinators.
The corporate procurement service has a strategic steering function for company-wide procurement and for buying services. This covers all subsidiaries of which Österrreichische Post is the major shareholder. To see the complete list, please click here.
The corporate procurement service is, among others, responsible for the following merchandise groups:
  • Transport
  • Technical devices and equipment
  • Construction
  • Real estate development
  • IT and telecommunication
  • Vehicles
  • Energy
  • Facility management
  • Marketing & printing
  • Furnishings
  • All types of consulting services

If you represent a shipping company, please send your application to the following e-mail address: We kindly ask all other businesses to sign up directly via our supplier portal. Please provide all your company-related information and indicate the merchandise group(s) for which you would like to apply.

Before signing up, please familiarise yourself with our Purchasing and contractual conditions and our supplier code of conduct. 

If you would like to participate in one of our published call for bids or if you would like to apply for one of our qualification systems (Prüfsysteme), please sign up for our supplier portal.
Following a successful application to, bids for shipping services are handled via the web-based platform Ticontract for which a free registration is required.

Click here to go to our supplier portal

Orders are sent via the document exchange platform MDE – My Document Exchange to suppliers of Österreichische Post, either electronically and/or via e-mail. 
Your orders can be accessed on the platform. Order confirmations and changes to orders must be handled via MDE.
MDE - My Document Exchange

If you have any questions about our corporate procurement service or if you need additional information, don't hesitate to contact us:
Österreichische Post AG
Konzern-Einkauf (corporate procurement)
Rochusmarkt 1
1030 Vienna