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Stronger together

Our GTC have been and remain fundamental contractual elements. This means that the GTC you signed when you entered into a agreement with us remain in place. New contracts will be subject to the new GTC for the company. The document is available here.

Order processing agreements are part of our service agreement and as such will be transferred to the new company. There is no need to sign new order processing agreements.
No. All production locations remain unchanged. For detailed information and addresses, please click here.
As a result of the merger of our subsidiaries, the entire company Post Business Solutions GmbH will be certified. However, the scope of certifications remains limited to previously certified areas and locations.
All data protection measures are valid as before and there will be no arbitrary changes to them even after the merger.
Our master data are the following:
Post Business Solutions GmbH
Halban-Kurz-Straße 11
1230 Vienna

Vienna commercial court
Commercial register no: 310867h
DVR number: 4002642
VAT number: ATU 64216039

New invoicing address:
Post Business Solutions GmbH
Rechnungseingangsstelle/accounts payable
Business Center 809 
1000 Vienna

From a client perspective, the only thing that changes is our name (along with our logo) and our bank account, which is why clients might need to change their transfer details. We kindly ask you to adjust our main data.

We also ask our suppliers to change the master data.
No, contact persons for sales and customer service will remain the same and will continue to share their expertise and provide assistance. For an overview of all contact persons, please visit post.at/ansprechpartnerinnen-businesssolutions

We are merely asking our clients and suppliers to adjust our master data in their systems. Existing contracts and agreements remain unchanged, which means that business relationships will not be affected.

Please complete our contact form, e-mail us at business@post.at or get in touch with your contact person. We will be happy to help!

We will get in touch with all clients personally to inform them about possible contractual changes. The only necessary changes are adjusting our name and master data in our clients' system. Our contact persons also remain the same; you can find them here.

That's because we have joined forces!
During the corporate merger, our subsidiaries Scanpoint, EMD, D2D and sendhybrid became Post Business Solutions GmbH, which is why the subsidiaries' websites will no longer be active.
For comprehensive information about our products and solutions, please click here.

We have united our subsidiaries under a single roof because we believe in creating synergies to improve our offerings, which will allow us to offer even better service to our business clients.
In addition, we will be able to offer one-stop services and streamline communication processes by having a single contact person.

Our clients will now have a main contact person for our entire portfolio of solutions. As a result, we will be offering efficiently implemented overall solutions instead of several individual solutions.

All contracts, prices, and terms and conditions remain unchanged. If you have any contract-related questions, please talk to your contact person.
No. It goes without saying that Post Business Solutions GmbH will continue providing high-quality solutions.
Please visit post.at/businesssolutions for an overview of our product groups and detailed information about specific solutions!