To protect our climate, we offer C02-neutral delivery for all items in Austria.

CO2-neutral delivery is not only good for our own carbon footprint, but also for all our business clients' carbon foodprint. And yet, CO2-free delivery is not enough. What about all the other greenhouse gas emissions? You guessed it: we are gradually reducing those as well and, as a last resource, we offset them via TÜV-approved climate protection projects.

This makes our entire value creation process CO2 neutral. In addition to delivery, we also include processes at our logistics centres, at our offices and delivery bases as well as emissions by external service providers. The entire CO2 impact by Österreichische Post is reviewed by TÜV every year and we compensate CO2 with climate protection projects. This makes the entire company CO2 neutral.

Avoiding CO2 Österreichische Post fleet

1. Avoiding CO2 and increasing efficiency

When it comes to buildings, Österreichische Post focuses on ecological criteria as well. We observe and improve our energy consumption on a regular basis and constantly strive to optimise our building infrastructure.

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Alternativ energies

2. Alternative energies

Fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum are slowly, but steadily running out. At the same time, the effects of climate change are impossible to ignore. Therefore, all of us, both individuals and companies, must save energy and use an environmentally and climate friendly approach to energy consumption.

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Climate protection projects women cooking

3. Offsetting climate protection projects

Every year, Österreichische Post offsets CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided with internal corporate measures. We do this by supporting climate protection projects.

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