Reduction measures: the concept

In 2011, we launched the CO2-NEUTRAL DELIVERY initiative at Austrian Post. It has been designed to avoid, continuously reduce, and offset our greenhouse gas emissions.


How does Austrian Post do this?

Step 1: increasing the efficiency of core processes  

The measures concern, for example, the energy optimisation of buildings and lighting as well as the restructuring of our vehicle fleet to e-mobility. The technical infrastructure - such as conveyor systems in the logistics centres - is also being analysed and improved in terms of energy. 

Step 2: using alternative energy sources

Austrian Post has been relying exclusively on electricity from renewable energy sources and technologies since as early as 2012. Since the beginning of 2017, we have only purchased renewable electricity from Austria, and since 2018 this has also applied to all Austrian group companies. In addition, we currently operate 13 photovoltaic plants with an output of around 4.3 MWp. We see a further driver for reducing CO2 emissions in the expansion of e-mobility, which we are consistently pushing forward. 

Step 3: compensation of all (still) unavoidable emissions

We compensate for all CO2 emissions generated during posting, sorting, delivery, and overhead processes that are currently unavoidable by supporting international climate protection projects. This means that the entire value chain - from delivery to all processes in logistics centres and delivery bases to the emissions of external service providers - is CO2 neutral. Thanks to these measures, Austrian Post has been delivering all items in Austria in a CO2-neutral manner since 2011. This is confirmed every year by TÜV Austria, which makes us a national and international pioneer in this area.

Climate protection projects at the national and international level  

As part of the CO2-NEUTRAL DELIVERY initiative, Austrian Post proactively supports climate and environmental protection projects outside the company. When selecting projects, we look for high quality standards, such as Gold Standard, VCS, REDD+ or micro-projects with scientific support from universities. The main aim of the projects is to offset unavoidable emissions at Austrian Post. At the international level, we promote numerous certified climate protection projects in the areas of energy efficiency, reforestation, biomass, geothermal energy, photovoltaics, and sustainable forest management as well as hydroelectric power and wind power. Social aspects matter to us when selecting projects: for example, we support the development of affordable and efficient cooking stoves for the population in countries of the Global South. This reduces fuel consumption as well as health risks for women. In India, for example, we are promoting a novel method of water disinfection, which in turn benefits the climate by saving firewood for boiling water, but also the local people by minimising health risks. Biodiversity projects such as those in Virunga National Park in Rwanda to protect the mountain gorillas native to that country and in Colombia to protect the rainforest are also part of our portfolio.
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Raising awareness for climate protection 

We want to use our successes and public presence to raise awareness and mobilise for the climate crisis. To this end, we engage in a partnership-based dialogue with stakeholders and participate in initiatives to establish new environmental technologies. The CO2-NEUTRAL DELIVERY initiative is also well received by the general population, customers, and other stakeholders. This is evidenced by the high level of awareness in the customer satisfaction surveys conducted every six months on this topic. The CO2-neutral delivery of their items has no negative effect on our customers' carbon footprint. Interested business clients can request a certificate confirming the CO2-neutral delivery of all their items from the previous year. Around 700 such certificates are issued annually. In addition, they can use the CO2-NEUTRAL DELIVERY logo for their corporate communication.
Our employees are also doing a lot. For example, we offer driver training courses that not only focus on safety but also on resource-friendly driving. Furthermore, we raise awareness among our employees for environmental issues by offering energy efficiency programmes, among others. The programme includes measures to save energy and has been designed to promote behavioural changes for the benefit of the environment.