Help for the Ukraine - Caritas Helping is now quick, unbureaucratic and effective.

Together with Caritas in Austria, we make it possible to collect urgently needed donations in kind and distribute them to the various Caritas warehouses for donations in kind and thus to refugees from Ukraine. 

Help together

How it works

  1. Register on and choose one of the offered aid packages.
  2. Make the package according to the list of needs you will get after the selection in the store. Depending on the product, you can buy new goods or donate used ones in good quality.
  3. Print the shipping label needed for free shipping and stick it on the package.
  4. Take your aid package to your nearest Post office or simply drop it off at any time in one of the Post self-service zones.

At, you will find all the information you need on an ongoing basis. For example, which products are currently needed where and who will benefit from the aid.

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FAQ #wehelp

Your aid package will be sent by the post office to the Caritas responsible in a federal state according to your regional selection or depending on where exactly the need is at the moment. The parcels first go to the Caritas warehouses for donations in kind and then to the various Caritas facilities where people from Ukraine are cared for. The donations in kind thus benefit Ukrainians who arrive here in Austria. If necessary, the donations in kind are also sent to refugees in Ukraine and neighboring countries.
No. The costs for the shipping of your help package are covered by the Austrian Post.
Important: To ensure that it reaches the right place and can help in a targeted manner, please print out the shipping label that you received after "purchasing" the package in the and stick it on your package. Then take it to the nearest post office or drop-off station.
Together with you, we would like to help as specifically and effectively as possible. The defined packages contain exactly what is needed at the moment and we will constantly update and adapt the requirements. In this way, your help arrives quickly and without complications - and where it is needed most urgently at the time.
No. Please put only those items in the package that are intended to be used. We regularly update the need and necessity of the items in a relief package so that we can help as targeted as possible.
Please make sure that pads, blankets, bedding, etc. are as good as new, i.e. also have no stains, discolorations or the like. In order for your donation to really do good and bring joy, it should ideally be new or only minimally used and then washed
In the case of hygiene items, they should not have already been open or in use, but still unopened and in their original packaging.
Please also make sure that the minimum expiration date of the products will not expire soon (min. 1 month).
All information on Caritas aid to Ukraine can be found at
Caritas offers a number of ways to do good. Register at, which is a community for humanity. Simply with the email address and for the time being without obligation. 
More information around a possible engagement in this current situation can also be found on