Our new stamps and postcards bring back nostalgic memories 16.09.2022

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Our new stamps and postcards bring back nostalgic memories of the “good old times”, a feeling of vintage and retro. Bygone times make for very special memories. You can now bring lots of joy to others with nostalgic postcards and stamps.

Images, everyday subjects, and art from the past all take us on a journey back in time, awaken a feeling of "back in the day" and enchant us with the magic of the past.

One case in point is our postcard booklet "Austria - nostalgic views" featuring photos of well-known summer holiday locations in Austria.

Or take our self-adhesive stamp edition 20 "Back in the day" with stamps representing objects and motifs from the good old times.

On four postcards and four stamps, our postcard booklet "Teddy bears" celebrates those cuddly friends that many of us had in their childhood.

Our stamp edition 8, "Historical animal painting" features artistic drawings and watercolours by Josef Wolf, who, following the zeitgeist of the 19th century, painted and documented exotic animals.

Poscard booklet "Austria – nostalgic views“
Postcard booklet "Teddy bears“
Stamp edition 20, self-adhesive, "Back in the day..."
Stamp edition 8 "Historical animal painting"