Classic works of art: now available on our new stamps and postcards. 12.10.2022

Theme world art
Beautiful stamps and postcards are small works of art in themselves. This is all the more true when they feature masterpieces of art history. Our current stamp editions and postcard booklets are a shining example. 

Our postcard booklet "Masterpieces of art", for instance, depicts exactly that on six postcards and six stamps. They provide a glimpse of the great diversity of artistic creation. This is great art in a small format for maximum enjoyment.

Our Stamp Edition 20 "Treasures from the postal archive: first Austrian art exhibit 1947" shows beautiful designs on 20 stamps. They were submitted in a competition to design the commemorative stamp series for the 1947 art exhibit. Expect an exciting look into the past, artful, and flawlessly executed.

"Still lives with fruit" are not only a popular motif in art history, but also the subject of a postcard booklet. The depiction of still objects developed in the Baroque period at the beginning of the 17th century, and its heyday extended into the 18th century. The still lives depicted on the postcards and stamps of this postcard booklet are true to detail, rich in colour, and masterfully made.

Postcard booklet "Masterworks of art“

Stamp Edition 20, self-adhesive, "Treasures from the postal archive: first Austrian art exhibit 1947"

Postcard booklet  "Still lives with fruit”