Silhouette – Futura 14.03.2023

Special stamp Silhouette - Futura

This stamp in the “Design made in Austria” series features a must-have object: Futura sunglasses by Silhouette.

Silhouette, a company based in Linz, was founded in 1964 by Anneliese and Arnold Schmied. The Silhouette Group is now a third-generation family business. It produces rimless glasses, full-rim glasses, and sunglasses, as well as special sports glasses. In 2017, the company also started producing lenses in addition to frames. 

Dora Demmel designed the iconic Futura sunglasses model in 1973 in the futuristic style that was the vogue at the time. The designer, who passed away in 2020, worked for the company from the beginning. Her unique designs were decisive for the success of Silhouette. The Futura model with its large lenses and the "dot" caused a stir as a result of its colour, shape, and material and soon became a must-have object and coveted collector's item that to this day stands for creativity and audacity in fashion.

Value: 2.50 Euro
First day of issue: 26.04.2023
Stamp size: 32.50 x 40.00 mm
Graphic design: Martin Fößleitner
Printing: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B.V.
offset printing
Quantity: 200,000 stamps on sheets of 50 stamps

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