The second motif of the series "Austrian Mushrooms": The Boletus 21.07.2021

Commemorative stamp August Porcino

The illustration of the „Steinpilz“, the porcini mushroom (Boletus edulis) by Marion Füllerer shows a young mushroom with a hemispherical head as well as a developed specimen with the typical cushion-shaped umbrella. The white, very firm flesh of the young mushrooms, which is particularly popular in the kitchen, gives the porcini mushroom its name. With its nutty mild flavor, it is suitable for frying, breading or creating sauces, or it is dried and ground, where it develops its aroma even more intensively. Also known by the name of „Herrenpilz “, or gentleman's mushroom, the porcini belongs to the tubular mushrooms. The tubes of the porcini are initially white and firm, later spongy and greenish-yellow. The color of the tubes distinguishes the boletus from the gall boletus, which has slightly pink colored tubes. The gall boletus is not poisonous but has a bitter taste and is therefore not edible. When you are looking for mushrooms and you are not sure about your find, you should either leave it behind or visit a mushroom consultation center. 
As of August 27, the stamp with a face value of EUR 0.85 will be available at all post offices, at and from Österreichische Post AG's collector service. A total of 360,000 stamps will be issued in small sheets of 10.

series: Österreichische Pilze
value: 0.85 Euro
first day of issue: 27.08.2021
stamp size: 31.80 x 50.00 mm
graphic design: Marion Füllerer
printing: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B. V.
offset printing
quantity: 360,000 stamps on mini sheets of 10 stamps

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