WESTbahn 02.02.2021 Well on track

For ten years now, WESTbahn has been transporting passengers between Vienna and Salzburg, offering a fast and comfortable direct connection on this much-travelled route.
The private company was founded as a subsidiary of Rail Holding AG in 2008 during the liberalisation of the railways. Since December 2011 WESTbahn has provided passenger transport between Vienna’s Westbahnhof and Salzburg, covering the 317 kilometre-long route in around 2.5 hours with no changes. 
WESTbahn operates eight six-car, low-floor KISS 1- and KISS 2-type 4010 series electric multiple-unit trains made by the Swiss manufacturer Stadler Rail AG. They have 24 axles, eight of which are powered, and can reach top speeds of 200 km/h. At 150 metres in length, the two-storey carriages each offer over 500 seats. Great emphasis is placed on comfort and accessibility, with specially-equipped areas being provided for passengers with impaired mobility. As a rule, all of the units are in operation throughout the day, with maintenance work being undertaken at night. From December 2021 WESTbahn will operate a new fleet of 15 six-car KISS 3-type 4010 series trains. The design on the stamp from the “Railways” series, with its engraved embellishment, shows a 4010 series multiple-unit train with the typical blue, white and yellowish-green livery of WESTbahn. 


series: Eisenbahnen
value: 1.80 Euro
first day of issue: 11.02.2021
stamp size: 42.00 x 33.35 mm
graphic design: Peter Sinawehl / Kirsten Lubach
printing: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B. V.
combination printing
quantity: 150,000 stamps on sheets of 50 stamps 

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