100-year anniversary of Avis BGV-I 15.04.2024

Special stamp Avis

In 1924, the Avis Aircraft and Automotive Works in Brunn am Gebirge commenced operations as the first aircraft factory in the Republic of Austria.

That very same year, Avis produced, in addition to training and sports aircraft like the BS-I (A-10) and a cabin aircraft BV-I (A-12), the first large aircraft made in Austria, the BGV-I (A-11). The biplane BGV-I was the first trimotor aircraft in the German-speaking region and remains to this day the only one of its kind built in Austria. It had a wingspan of 20 meters and could accommodate up to 10 passengers. An in-house fuselage engine delivering 230 HP, along with two 100 HP Mercedes engines mounted on the wings, ensured flight safety and a top speed of over 170 km/h. However, the BGV-I was never used as a commercial airliner. Avis had plans to establish international airlines from their home airport in Vienna-Aspern but had to withdraw from aviation by 1928.

Value: 3.00 euros
First day of issue: 17.05.2024
First day: 2345 Brunn am Gebirge
Stamp size: 40.00 x 33.30 mm (sheet size: 80.00 x 60.00 mm)
Graphic design: Anita Kern
Printing: bpost Stamps Printing
Printing technique: offset printing
Quantity: 230,000 stamps on sheets of 1 unit each

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