Crypto stamp 2.0 25.06.2020

Our new blockchain stamp

This time around, the stamps featuring four different animals are made of paper. The gummed stamp can easily be detached and is located on the front side of the paper card. On the back, underneath a resealable label, you will find the access code to the virtual collection.
In addition to the newly introduced digital functions, our crypto stamp 2.0 is also different from the previous issue in terms of security. Stamps now come in their own packaging which is closed with a sealing label.

Motifs: Doge, panda, lama, honey badger
Face value: EUR 7 
Day of issue: 25.06.2020
Stamp size: 86 x 54 mm (ISO credit card format)
Artwork: David Gruber
Printing: Variuscard
Printing technique: offset, silk-screen printing, hot stamping, thermal printing 
Amount printed: 240,000 stamps; 60,000 units per motif 

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