Day of issue of the EUROPA 2024 commemorative stamp – underwater fauna and flora & OPENING travelling exhibit "Solidarity with Ukraine"

Green natural jewel (theme: underwater fauna and flora) -

The Green Lake in the Styrian municipality of Tragöß - St. Katharein is the Austrian motif of this year's EUROPA stamp with UV varnish on the theme of "Underwater fauna and flora".

EUROPA stamps have symbolised integration and cooperation within Europe since 1956 and raise awareness of our common culture and history. Every year, European postal organisations issue stamps on a theme specified by PostEurop. The photo of the protected Green Lake was taken by diver and underwater photographer Heinz Toperczer, who became famous for his photo of a diver in the mouth of a whale. The karst lake was formed by a prehistoric landslide from Mount Messnerin, where the water is now dammed up. When the snow melts, the lake fills with clear, very cold water and reaches a depth of up to eleven metres in early summer, depending on the amount of precipitation in winter. Meadows, benches, hiking trails and footbridges disappear completely into the shimmering emerald green lake, but can still be recognised underwater. They gradually reappear, as the water level drops steadily in autumn and the lake can even dry out completely in winter. Due to the clear water, visibility under water is very good, but swimming and diving in the Green Lake has been prohibited for several years to prevent the lake bed from swirling up and to preserve the green colouring. In 2014, the lake was voted the most beautiful hidden place in Austria in the ORF programme "9 Places, 9 Treasures".

Opening of the travelling exhibition "Solidarity with Ukraine" by Dr. Harald Kunczier and Dr. Vasyl Khmymynets

Solidarity from all over the world for Ukraine

 On 5 April 2023, the exhibition "Solidarity with Ukraine" was officially opened in the premises of Ukrposhta/Ukrainian Post in Kiev, after which the travelling exhibition was shown in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
The European idea and cohesion are the core message of the travelling exhibition "Solidarity with Ukraine", which shows stamps from postal companies from 15 countries that were issued in 2022 as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine. 

 The Austrian version shows the Ukrainian flag and the words "Help for Ukraine". The stamp has a print run of 200,000 copies and costs 3.00 euros. Part of the purchase price will go to "Neighbours in Need" and the international organisation UNICEF in order to make a contribution to the people in need in Ukraine.

In addition to Austria, stamps from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Croatia, Moldova, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Canada, Slovakia, Portugal, and Italy will be on display at the exhibition. The stamps from the other countries also feature motifs related to the theme of peace. 

 The Ukrainian travelling exhibition can be visited at the Postal and Telegraph Museum Eisenerz until 6 July 2024, after which it will move on to Croatia.

4 May 2024, 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., presentation at 1:00 a.m.

Where? Postal Museum Eisenerz, Schulstraße 1, 8790 Eisenerz

Group pictures: Bild 1
Picture presentation: © Österreichische Post AG
Group picture, left to right.:
Heinz Toperczer (photograph & travel journalist, press – wildlife – underwater), Harald Kunczier (Head of Business Segment Branches, Austrian Post), Bruno Aschenbrenner (member of the regional Parliament), Vasyl Khmymynets (Ukrainian ambassador), Friedrich Schwaiger (Director, Austrian Postal and Telegraph Museum), Gerhard Niederhofer (municipal councillor and President, Eisenerz Culture Committee )

First day Europe 2024
First day Europe 2024
First day Europe 2024
First day Europe 2024
First day Europe 2024