Day of issue of the commemorative stamps "Condolences – 2024, Congratulations – 2024, Four Seasons"

Four seasons

Small values as supplements

This extraordinary miniature sheet includes ten commemorative stamps with five different low values as supplementary stamps, to be used along with older stamps.
Sometimes you have stamps left whose value is no longer suitable for current rates. With the commemorative stamps on this sheet, you can just use older stamps by additionally sticking the missing value onto the postal item. The five different, very small values can complement any postage-valid stamps, covering many rate levels. Of course, several commemorative stamps from this sheet can also be combined to frank a document.

Congratulations – 2024

Sweet wishes 

This cheerful stamp design adds a very special touch to any congratulatory letter.
Many people love chocolate, and it's often given as small bars or pralines for birthdays or just as a little something at any time. There is always an opportunity to congratulate someone and celebrate something, and such sweet wishes are sure to bring much joy. For many occasions, there are also suitable packages with ribbons, pictures, or sayings for the sweet treat, making it a very special "congratulatory chocolate," as seen on the stamp. Since a piece is already missing, it must be irresistible.

Mourning – 2024


The simple mourning stamp in gray and blue tones gives a condolence letter or a death notice a very personal and dignified touch.

A beautifully designed condolence card, franked with a beautiful stamp, is a good way to express sympathy to the bereaved after a death. The stamp design features a faded dandelion bloom – a dandelion clock, as it is often called. One of the little parachutes has detached and is floating away. As children, we all probably blew these spherical seed heads off the stem of the flower with enthusiasm, enjoying the sight of the tiny parachutes dancing in the wind. Because the delicate parachutes are so easily blown away by the wind, the dandelion clock is a symbol of letting go and of transience. It also stands for change and a new beginning, because a new plant grows from each seed carried away by the wind – in the difficult time after the loss of a person, this is a beautiful thought that may alleviate the pain and sorrow a bit.

Day of issue of the commemorative stamps and stamp presentation 

14 February 2024, 12 noon to: p.m., presentation at 12 noon

Shopping City Seiersberg, Seiersberg 1-9, Entrance C/revolving door, 8056 Seiersberg

Pictures: © OK Marke + Münze

First day of mourning congratulations seasons