Day of issue of the Christmas 2023 coil stamp, snow globe Idyllic winter scene

A wintry scene in a snow globe is the motif of this Christmas stamp, evoking anticipation for Christmas, winter, and snow.

A little snow-covered house in a winter forest, with snow gently falling to the ground. Someone has cleared a path, and a deer cautiously approaches near the front door – such is the idyllic winter landscape presented, encapsulated in a glass globe, separating it from the real world. Snow globes possess a unique enchantment. When shaken, it "snows" inside. White flakes swirl through the scene and, when the globe is still on its stand, gradually settle like a blanket of snow over the figures.

Snow globes are known worldwide, but less known is their Austrian origin. Erwin Perzy, a Viennese inventor and surgical instrument mechanic, experimented with water-filled globes to enhance light at the end of the 19th century. He added various particles to the water to reflect light. An experiment with semolina in water reminded him of snowfall, leading him to the idea of placing a model of the Mariazell Basilica in a globe filled with water and semolina – thus creating the first "glass globe with snow effect", as he called it. Perzy then founded the Vienna Snow Globe Manufactory, still run by his family today, producing "Original Viennese Snow Globes" for global distribution.

Christmas coil stamp 2023, snow globe

1 December 2023, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., presentation at 10:00 a.m.

Christkindl post office, Christkindlweg 6, 4411 Christkindl

Group picture, left to right:
Markus Vogel (Mayor of Steyr), Manfred Scheuer (diocesan bishop), Student Choir of Christkindl primary school, Maximilian Hiegelsberger (President of the Regional Parliament), Harald Kunczier (Head of Branch Division, Österreichische Post AG), Christkind from Steyr
Pictures: © Österreichische Post AG

First day snow globe
First day snow globe
First day snow globe
First day snow globe