Day of issue of the commemorative stamp "Young art in Austria"

Julia Haugeneder – Folding 139, 2020

Folded art

This year's design for the "Young art in Austria" series comes from the Viennese artist Julia Haugeneder, who is known for her folded objects.

Born in Vienna in 1987, Julia Haugeneder studied art history, philosophy, and theatre, film, and media studies, followed by art and digital media as well as printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts. From two-dimensional work, her interest shifted towards the creation of sculptures. She prepares the material herself: using a mixture of bookbinding glue, stone dust, and pigments, she casts large areas. The resulting flexible thin sheets are then folded, crumpled, or rolled into various objects. The artist views folding as a movement that can create order and bring two previously distant points into contact. Through a fold, the exterior and interior become perceptible, with the material acting as a membrane between inside and outside - a dialogical process and an intense engagement with the material. Its surface structure and colour are of great significance. Haugeneder's work doesn't follow a predetermined concept but represents the process of folding as a form of shaping.

Julia Haugeneder works in series, numbering her folded objects. The stamp design, "Folding 139" in pastel tones, was created in 2020 for an installation at the Sophia Vonier Gallery.

Day of issue of the commemorative stamp "Young art in Austria" Julia Haugeneder - Folding 139, 2020"

26 September 2023, 9:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m., presentation 10:00 a.m.

Philately Shop Post at Rochus, Rochusplatz 1, 1030 Vienna

Group picture, left to right:
Patricia Liebermann, Head of Philately, Österreichische Post AG, Georg Pölzl (CEO, Österreichische Post AG), Julia Haugeneder (artist)
Pictures: © Österreichische Post AG

First day young art
First day young art