Authorisation to receive mail for business clients

You can set up an authorisation to receive mail for up to 20 persons you trust. These persons will be able to receive all business mail addressed to your company or the legal person. Items marked as "do not deliver to persons authorised to receive mail" are excluded because these can only be delivered to the person in question.

How can I set up an authorisation to receive mail?

  1. Request authorisation to receive mail online
  2. Set up authorisation to receive mail at your local postal branch 


  • No need for you to be present
  • No need to pick up items at a postal branch
  • Available for up to 5 people authorised to receive mail at the same time


 Contractual period in euro 
2 years 20.40 

Indicated rates include all statutory duties, especially VAT. Services exempt from VAT pursuant to Section 6 of the Austrian Turnover Tax Act exclude VAT.

All relevant information is available under "Special conditions, authorisation to receive mail".