Parcel redirections for business clients

Use our redirection service to have your business letter mail, packets, and/or parcels forwarded to a different address. Letter mail and packets can be forwarded to addresses in Austria and abroad, while parcels and Post Express items can only be forwarded to addresses in Austria.

How can I set up the redirection service?

  1. Request redirection online 
  2. Set up redirection at your local postal branch 
    Required documents:
    An official picture ID of the person authorised to sign


  • Swift delivery of your daily mail to your new address
  • Available for addresses in Austria and abroad
  • Only takes up 3 business days to set up
  • Time frame as needed (1 year maximum)
  • Uninterrupted mail delivery
  • Delivery to PO boxes available

Business clients (everybody but natural persons) 

Redirections for letter mail and packets  Domestic
in euro
in euro
For up to 3 calendar months 40.70 55.10
Additional 3 calendar months or parts thereof 40.70 55.10

Indicated rates include all statutory duties, especially VAT. Services exempt from VAT pursuant to Section 6 of the Austrian Turnover Tax Act exclude VAT.

Business clients (everybody but natural persons)

Redirections for parcels Domestic in euro
For up to 3 calendar months 19.90
Additional 3 calendar months or parts thereof 19.90

Many locations, one incoming mail: easy steps to your consolidated redirection

This service by Österreichische Post AG is a great choice for businesses with several locations that would like to manage their incoming mail centrally. With this service, all business mail for all locations is redirected to a single address. This will allow you to manage your incoming mail at a single location, which will streamline your communication processes.


  • Saves time
  • Convenient
  • Easy to renew
  • Intuitive overview

Our consolidated redirection service is available for 10 redirections and up. For additional information, please see the product information in the download area. If you have any questions, just contact your customer advisor or e-mail our customer service at or call 0800 212 212. We are always happy to help.

Please note that our redirection service only includes items that shipped by Österreichische Post. Items delivered by other logistics providers are excluded from this service.
It takes 3 business days to set up the redirection service. The contractual period is three months.
You can choose a shorter time frame within these three months. You decide how long you would like to use this service.
All relevant information is available under "GTC - Redirections".

Product information, consolidated redirection order (available in German only)