Parcel stamps for business clients - conveniently pay for postage from the comfort of your home

Create your stamp for your parcel! Our online parcel stamp service is convenient and adapts to your needs. Parcel stamp rates are independent from the parcel's weight and the sum of the parcel's longest and shortest side will determine the postage fee.

Parcel stamps offer the following benefits

  • The parcel dimensions determine the rate, not the weight
  • Online overview of your sender and recipient data
  • Can be customised with your logo and images
  • Use the express parcel stamp for super swift shipping
  • Österreichische Post is liable for up to EUR 510
  • Post them conveniently at all Österreichische Post service locations, Österreichische Post self-service areas, participating OMV filling stations and with Österreichische Post rural delivery persons

Parcel stamp rates

The size and not the weight will determine the applicable rate:

Parcel stamp
Austria (in euro) Germany (in euro) All other
EU countries ** (in euro)
PM 45* 3.90 9.90 12.90
PM 70* 5.90 14.90 17.90
PM 120* 7.90 19.90 22.90
Express parcel stamp Austria (in euro)
PM 45* 8.90
PM 70* 10.90
PM 120* 12.90


PM 45 = the parcel's longest and shortest side add up to 45 cm max

PM 70 = the parcel's longest and shortest side add up to 70 cm max

PM 120 = the parcel's longest and shortest side add up to 120 cm max

**) All other EU countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slowakia, Slovenia, Spain. Please note that there is no shipping to EU overseas territories or to areas that do not belong to the EU customs and fiscal area (such as Greenland, Canary Islands, Melilla, Channel Islands, etc.).


Please note: the maximum weight for parcels sent through Österreichische Post is 31.5 kg. Different rates apply when purchasing postage in our self-service areas.