Address Shop: teaming up to achieve better results and win new clients

Austrian Post's Address Shop is an essential tool for targeted marketing and helps you acquire new customers: as an expert in address management, Austrian Post offers business clients access to B2B and B2C addresses from countless industries and interest groups. This allows you to reach your target audience with pinpoint accuracy and gain new customers.

Let us help you select the perfect target audience

The decisive factor for the success of direct mailings and informational letters is choosing the right contacts. Let us help you tackle this challenge: our Address Shop provides target group addresses of potential new customers in both the private and business sectors. This targeted approach ensures the effectiveness of your marketing effort.

Your benefits with Address Shop at a glance

  • Targeted marketing for the appropriate audience
  • Acquire suitable new customers
  • Gain attention for products or services
  • Strengthen brand
  • Increase revenue
  • Support sales
  • Achieve measurable response

How to use the Address Shop 

Austrian Post acts as a list broker and works with selected suppliers in the B2C and B2B sectors. Using specific criteria, you can easily select the target group that best suits you – after signing the contract, you will receive the corresponding addresses. These can be used once for your next advertising mailing.

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