Data and address management made easy

Personal contact with customers is the core of every marketing strategy. Directly addressed advertising mail is very appealing and creates a sense of connection to the company in over a quarter of the recipients. However, addresses and data records often contain errors, which can go unnoticed in day-to-day operations. But with the increasing number of incorrect deliveries, they become a problem.

Would you like to optimise your database and reliably reach both existing customers and new target groups without having to worry about annoying returns due to incorrect addressing? The following services from Austrian Post will help you achieve just that.

*Source: Austrian Advertising Market Study 2023

Detailed and automated address maintenance

Austrian Post offers a wide range of options for automated address maintenance and database optimisation – from cleaning your database to ongoing data updates and researching suitable addresses for expanding your target audience. We also provide support in the area of returns management  with comprehensive expertise and state-of-the-art process support.

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Address Check

Address Check allows you to check the quality of your database. We will verify physical addresses, identify clients who have moved or are deceased and will update the information as needed. This will help you reduce undeliverable items and save money.

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Returns recording

Not all your physical items are reaching your customers? Let Austrian Post record undeliverable addresses as well as the associated return reasons and provide information for updating your database.

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Postal encyclopedia

Use our postal encyclopedia to never again send items to the wrong address by mistake. The directory includes all postcode and city/town combinations to allow for correct addressing.

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Address Shop

Increase brand awareness among your target audience and win new clients. Benefit from access to corporate and personal addresses in a variety of industries and interest groups for one-time use.

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Address Data

Rely on our Address Data service to update your database with long-term effect: thanks to periodic updates and daily address maintenance, your data will always be up to date. You will have access to official and deliverable addresses in your database at any time.

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