Address Data: update your address database with long-term effect

Every year, around 20,000 addresses become outdated due to changes in postcodes, street names, or house numbers. Furthermore, some buildings can be correctly addressed with up to five different addresses. Often, customers' local addresses officially don't even exist. It's impossible to always keep track.

Address Data offers the solution to this problem: the sophisticated system can be seamlessly integrated into your existing customer database and effectively supports you in continuously maintaining and updating your address data. This saves valuable time and resources while simultaneously ensuring the quality of your database.

Data maintenance made easy

Our reference data allow you to recognise all these peculiarities in the address landscape: Address Data can access all postal addresses in Austria. Our database is maintained daily with the help of more than 9,000 delivery agents and is always up to date. Address Data automatically corrects erroneous addresses in your customer base to the officially correct address. Since there is no personal reference, its use is also compliant with data protection regulations.

Address Data brings long-term structure to your database: thanks to ongoing updates, data always remains up to date, and items can be delivered without any problems. This saves time, money, and increases customer satisfaction.

Optimal route planning

At Address Data, each address includes the precise geocoordinate of the building's entrance, making it uniquely identifiable. This is especially beneficial in rural areas or for on-foot navigation in cities. Navigation devices and sales route planning also benefit from this.

Your benefits with Address Data at a glance

  • Optimally structured database

  • Updating of customer data

  • Fast recognition of changes in postcode, street, or house number

  • Ongoing updates for constantly updated information

  • Every address with precise geocoordinates per building & entrance

  • Standardised address notation

Our options for your needs

  • Address information on PAClevel
    Postal address with house number, including door number, required (for 4 delivery points and up) incl. PAC

1 PAC (Post Address Code) is the unique ID for every address.

Additional modules

  • Geo data: geo coordinates and grid units per PAC
  • House numbers (split into the smallest parts)
  • Building data: building use, amount of private/commercial secondary home delivery points per PAC
  • Notification about construction projects: new construction projects (new buildings or remodelling) incl. date of building registration and property

Individual module
Address Data Street: postally correctly spelled streets with postcode, locality and destination (no PAC)

Address Data price list (available in German only)


Technical Specifications Adress Data (available in German only)


Adress Data field description (available in German only)


Field List Adress Data (available in German only)


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