The best target audience without any wastage

With our geomarketing tool PostGeo, you can determine the distribution area of your leaflets, advertising mail, and regional media as needed, allowing you to communicate with your target audience in a flexible and targeted manner without any wastage. Whether you want to address a specific group, a region, or an individually defined area: optimise your marketing strategy and create your custom distribution plan with PostGeo!

Your benefits with PostGeo at a glance

Thanks to the PostGeo distribution plans, you have full control over who receives your advertising mail, allowing you to focus exclusively on your target audience. The idea is: not more, but more precise! This saves you money and enables you to communicate as directly as possible.

  • Reduction of wastage through targeted selection
  • Cost reduction thanks to lower print runs and reduced postage
  • Nationwide availability
  • Targeted distribution plans with customised design options

How to create your custom distribution plan on PostGeo

Quick, direct, and straightforward: just determine the distribution area yourself and select your desired municipality, postal code, or delivery area – at, you can easily generate your custom distribution plan online. Depending on the area and the weight of your items, different prices apply: on PostGeo, you always have an overview of the required volume and shipping costs, and you can also compare different distribution plans. Afterwards, your print shop can smoothly handle the further shipping preparation using the customised geomarketing number.

Distribution plan options on PostGeo

Geographical selection

You can select your mailings based on the following 3 geographical reference areas: postal code, municipality, or delivery area (area served by a delivery person).

If you wish for concentrated advertising near your business premises, simply specify your desired address and use the tools to select the desired radius or catchment area (e.g., based on travel time). This way, you only reach people in your vicinity.

Target audience distribution plan

Making sure your message gets across: Austrian Post links geographical data with sociodemographic characteristics (such as age, marital status, etc.) to target the right audience with pinpoint accuracy. Socioeconomic criteria (such as purchasing power) are also taken into account.
Important: this option is only available to logged-in users!

Registration and information about the PostGeo portal

To register on PostGeo, you need an account on Once you are logged in, you will have access to advanced features, such as distribution plan management, distribution in delivery areas, and target group selection. Through distribution plan management, you can access all created distribution plans for 6 months. You can also use PostGeo without registering: however, you will not be able to select distribution areas or target groups. Additionally, make sure to save your geomarketing number at the end! Without registration, your data will not be saved at the end of the session, and the distribution plan cannot be retrieved.

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