Return items

It takes a lot of time to process return items, so let us take this task off your hands!

Even with the best planning, return items are hard to avoid. However, targeted returns management can help reduce return items in the future.

Let us take care of recording your return letters, Info.Mail items, Sponsoring.Post items, company newspapers, and newspapers.

We will electronically record the data of your return items and will then either physically deliver them to you or dispose of them; it's your choice. 

Your benefits:

  • Increases efficiency with updated addresses
  • Saves money thanks to fewer undeliverable items
  • Helps keep customer data updated pursuant to the GDPR
  • Optional: address check and return items correction for relocation addresses*

* Except Österreichische Post data matrix

Your options

We can either record and deliver your return items, record them and dispose of them or send them back to the sender.


Price list, returns recording (available in German only)


Price example (available in German only)


Return items recording options (available in German only)


Contact return items recording:

Do you send out large mailing campaigns? In that case, the return items recording service by Österreichische Post might be interesting for you. Just send us an inquiry to and we will be in touch shortly to schedule an appointment and issue a no-commitment quote.