Cash logistics

Österreichische Post Cash Logistics has eight locations (headquarters in Vienna, Vienna airport, hubs in Graz, Linz, Salzburg-Wals, Hall/Tyrol, Klagenfurt and Wolfurt) and we are your partner of choice for highly secure transports of cash and valuable goods in Austria. We will also be happy to arrange safe and secure transports beyond Austria's borders for you.

  • Filling and maintaining ATMs and self-service machines

  • Cash processing with state-of-the-art facilities
  • Counting, processing, and packaging of coins and bills
  • Provision of change

  • Innovative cash deposit system for your daily cash receipts
  • Your cash will be convered by insurance in the safe
  • Safe transport of your cash to the bank
  • Transfer to your bank account on the same day
  • Automatic counting and authenticity check of your cash receipts
  • Provides an overview of your cash transactions at all times, wherever you are
  • Standardised reports can be accessed anytime
  • Open around the clock unlike your bank
  • No need to get a new bank account
  • Saves time and money in cash management
To learn more visit our CASH24 page.

  • Storage of coins and planchets for the authorities
  • Archiving and managing of high-quality goods, documents, and data carriers
  • Storage of valuable goods (precious metals, objects of art, etc.)

  • Organisation of safe and insurance-covered transports with subcontractors around the world
  • Will assume liability

  • Transport, collection and delivery of large amounts of cash 
  • Pickup of daily cash receipts from retailers
  • Delivery of change
Information for data protection can be found here.