2019 Dialogue Marketing Report

How is the Austrian advertising market evolving and what role does dialogue marketing online and in print play for Austrian entrepreneurs and marketing executives? What channels account for most expenses and how do people see their efficiency? What kind of advertising actually reaches Austrians?

For our 2019 Dialogue Marketing Report, the market research institute marketmind.at interviewed more than 400 advertising and marketing directors of Austrian companies and marketagent.com interviewed 1,001 Austrians between the ages of 14 and 69. 

The main findings:

  • Traditional advertising still accounts for more than half of overall expenses.
  • Online advertising has the highest growth rate, but accounts for only 10% of the advertising market. 
  • Print advertising is getting more relevant among young consumers.
  • Personally addressed advertising mail is considered the most valuable channel and is seen as informative and useful and prompts consumers to buy.
  • For advertising to be well received by recipients, it must include personalised information. Design and format are also key.

For detailed information, please see our 2019 Dialogue Marketing Report.