Kadir Kelesoglu is the managing director of 1683 Handmade Bagels & Farm Coffee in the 9th district of Vienna. Every day, he and his team delight clients with fresh and lovingly prepared bagels.

Your decision on all levels, from the design to the time of posting.

As the managing director, Kadir Kelesoglu wants to use his time as efficiently as possible. Our Easy advertising service allows him to create direct mailing campaigns from the comfort of his home. This saves him trips and correspondence and ultimately valuable time that he rather uses for on-site customer interaction.

"The 'Easy advertising' tool by Österreichische Post makes things much easier for me on many levels." (Kadir Kelesoglu, managing director, 1683 Handmade Bagels & Farm Coffee)

To let his Viennese customers know about the latest discounts, Kadir Kelesoglu uses Easy advertising. He decides everything himself, from the design to the target audience, the distribution area, and the time of posting.

Design, print, and send

Use our online "Easy advertising" service to create addressed and unaddressed advertising items yourself in an easy process. With just a few steps, you will reach clients throughout Austria. It is easy and convenient and can be done when and where you want.

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