Ursula Roch runs the travel agency Brokertravel Exclusive together with her husband. At their branches in Klosterneuburg and Vienna, their team offers customised trips for individuals and groups.

Raising awareness and finding new clients

To raise awareness for her travel agency located in the 8th district in Vienna, Ursula Roch uses the Easy advertising online service. Especially in urban areas, targeting the audience of potential new clients is a challenge for this travel expert. Easy advertising lets Ursula Roch define the distribution area herself and she sends her advertising item to recipients who live near her Vienna agency only. She can immediately see how many clients she will reach.

To address her repeat clients, Ursula Roch also relies on "Easy advertising" because it is easy to use and delivers results in no time.

"I find the tool very, very convenient because it adapts to my needs."
(Ursula Roch, CEO, BT Brokertravel Exclusive e.U.)

Design, print, and send

Use our online "Easy advertising" service to create addressed and unaddressed advertising items yourself in an easy process. With just a few steps, you will reach clients throughout Austria. It is easy and convenient and can be done when and where you want.
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