Advertising tailored to your target audience without the need to have your own addresses

You will reach exactly the right targed audience with our Info.Post Select option without even having to enter your own addresses. Based on criteria defined by you, we will select the audience that fits your needs. This approach will allow you to reach households interested in your offerings.

Here is an example:
An einen Haushalt (to a household)
1 Any Street
XXXX Any Town

Your benefits:

  • Low wastage
  • Target audience will be selected based on your predefined criteria
  • High success rate and higher response rate than for unaddressed advertising mail
  • Great option for winning new clients
  • Sign an Info.Post Select agreement
  • Minimum volume: 400 items
  • Content: advertising letters, postcards, greeting cards, invitations, vouchers, brochures, catalogues, samples
  • Identical format, weight and packaging for all items (only the numbering may differ)

Rate overview, Info.Post Select (available in German only)


Contract terms Info.Post Select (available in German only)


Product information Info.Post Select (available in German only)



Overview of posting locations (available in German only)


List of logistics centres and opening hours (available in German only)


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