Info.Post Collect & Plus: leaflets with digital extension

Have your leaflets included in the well-established advertising publication “Das Kuvert”, which reaches more than 3 million households twice a week. Since 1 January 2023, your advertising message has also been placed digitally to achieve additional reach.

  • Starting at just 0,0826 euros per item
  • Delivery inside the high-circulation advertising publication “Das Kuvert”
  • Predetermined delivery days, twice a week
  • Little delivery preparation required
  • Increased reach thanks to additional digital display
  • 4% discount when using Info.Post Collect Plus

Benefit from high reading rates

Send out flyers and achieve high reach. According to the 2023 Austrian Advertising Market Study, 88 percent of all recipients read leaflets. Offers, discounts, and deals are everybody’s favourite.

Even better reach with digital display – powered by Aktionsfinder

Send your flyers in our advertising publication "Das Kuvert" and receive 10% of your physical circulation as additional digital ad impressions. The online banner will be created by Austrian Post and displayed digitally in the time period defined by you. One click will take users to your digital flyer in the Prospect Viewer with direct access to your offers and discounts.

  • 100% physical delivery in the high-attention advertising publication "Das Kuvert"
  • 10% additional digital reach (powered by Aktionsfinder)
  • The digital display of your leaflet will attract new client groups

Info.Post Collect Plus: send out discounts & coupons

Do you have discount coupons for your clients? In that case, you will even benefit twice! With discount stickers, coupons and the like, not only recipients will save money, but you will also get a discount for sending out your leaflets.

Use this option for the following benefits:

  • Higher acceptance of leaflet thanks to tangible added value
  • 4% immediate discount for clients without an Info.Post agreement
  • Progressive annual bonus on the annual quantity for contractual customers
  • Even higher reach thanks to digital display

How does Info.Post Collect Plus work?

Info.Post Collect Plus is a huge plus for you and your clients! For you to benefit from our discount, your leaflet must have one of the following features (in addition to those defined for Info.Post Collect):

  • Discount stickers or coupons with an attractive industry-standard discount for products of the clients’ choice, added to the leaflet (minimum of 4 units)

Flugblatt mit Rabattickern

  • Discount stickers or coupons with an attractive industry-standard discount for products of the clients’ choice, as a Tip On Card on KUVERT (minimum of 4 units) and concurrent leaflet distribution

KUVERT mit Rabattstickern

  • Discount coupon page in KUVERT with an attractive industry-standard discount for products of the clients’ choice (minimum of 4 units) and concurrent leaflet distribution

KUVERT Rabattcoupons

  • Discount coupon or voucher with an attractive industry-standard discount or amount for products of the clients’ choice, incorporated into the leaflet (minimum of 4 units)

What are the prerequisites for using Info.Post Collect?

  • Machine-processable items starting at a volume of 30,000 items
  • Minimum quantity per variation: 3,000 items
  • Posting available at any of Austrian Post’s three collation centres
  • Max. item weight: 100 g
  • For Info.Post Collect Plus: add a discount coupon (see “How does Info.Post Collect Plus work”)

For additional digital display

  • Your leaflet’s digital version must correspond with your physical items in terms of content
  • Digital versions are limited to 9 different digital versions (one version per province), provided that these are also posted physically.

Sending leaflets with Info.Post Collect is easy

  1. Shipping documents: create your posting lists and pallet labels using the Posting Manager
  2. Pre-notification of posting: no later than five business days (Monday through Friday) before posting via the Posting Manager. If you will be posting items at periodic intervals (weekly to every two weeks), please provide a yearly schedule.
  3. Have a physical sample ready at the time of posting.
  4. Posting your items: post your items (incl. posting list and sample) at our collation centres (Tuesday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.):
  • Collation and distribution centre East 1009 (Halban-Kurz-Straße 11 Goal 58-62, 1230 Vienna)
  • Collation and distribution centre West 5009 (Gewerbestraße 4, 4882 Oberwang)
  • Collation and distribution centre Central 8009 (ITG Halle 8, Kögler Weg 50, 8042 Graz)

The guidelines below apply to posted items:

  • Provide items on stacked, exchangeable, and reusable Euro pallets
  • All pallets must include only identical item variations
  • Clearly label all pallets with pallet labels from the Posting Manager

For the additional digital display

  • Please upload your file no later than 5 business days before posting (web-ready PDF, max. 100 MB, without crop marks, indicate period of validity).
  • Effective immediately, you can upload your digital leaflet using the link below:
Upload now! To the Posting Manager 

Comparison: Info.Post Collect (Plus) or Info.Post Classic?

Info.Post Collect (Plus)
Info.Post Classic
Suitable for

Info.Post Collect: machine-processable brochures

Info.Post Collect Plus: machine-processable brochures with discount coupons or vouchers

Brochures, vouchers, special formats, product samples
Delivery mode
Inside “KUVERT“ advertising sleeve
Digital extension
Minimum quantity
30,000 items
500 items
Twice a week (Mon/Tue and Wed/Thu)
6 business days after posting (Monday through Friday)
At 3 collation centres (Vienna, Oberwang, Graz)
At all Austrian Post service locations (branches and Post Partners) & 6 logistics centres
Delivery points
3 mio. households
3 mio. households
Distribution unit
Postcode, delivery area
Postcode, delivery area, municipality
Maximum dimensions
L 300 x W 229 x H 3 mm
L 324 x W 229 x H 24 mm
Maximum weight
100 g
250 g
Minimum dimensions
L 148 x W 210 mm
L 140 x W 90 mm
Minimum weight
5 g
Shipping documents
Posting list and pallet label as defined in Posting Manager
Posting list and bundle label as defined in Posting Manager
Franking impression Zugestellt durch Österreichische Post (delivered by Austrian Post)
Zugestellt durch Österreichische Post (delivered by Austrian Post)

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Additional options & services: "Kuvert" advertising sleeve

Combine Info.Post Collect with our "Kuvert" advertising sleeve and place your advertising on the cover of the high-circulation "Kuvert" advertising sleeve in addition to your leaflet.

KUVERT advertising sleeve

Advertise in KUVERT and with Tip on Cards

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