New as of 1 January 2023

We have improved Info.Post Collect and Info.Post Collect Plus! Add 10% online reach to your leaflets now.

Send your leaflets in our Kuvert advertising sleeve as you usually do and receive an additional 10% of the physical volume as digital ad impressions. Austrian Post will create the online banner and display it digitally in the time frame of your choice. Users will need just one click to view your digital leaflet in the Prospect Viewer (powered by Aktionsfinder) where they will find your offers and discounts.

Your benefits:

  • 100% physical delivery in our attention-catching "Kuvert" advertising sleeve
  • 10% additional digital reach (powered by Aktionsfinder)
  • The digital display of your leaflet will target new client groups

Preparing your leaflet for digital display:

  • The digital version must have the same content as the physical item.
  • A maximum of 9 different digital versions (one per province) whose content corresponds to the posted Info.Post Collect items may be uploaded.
  • The upload must be made at least 5 days before posting (web-ready PDF, max. 100 MB, without crop marks, information about validity)

Effective immediately, you can upload your digital leaflet using the following link:

Upload now!