Das Kuvert - advertising to look forward to

Our advertising sleeve “Das Kuvert” is issued twice a week and includes leaflets that provide Austrian households with practical information and useful tips about the latest deals, news, and discounts.

The "Das Kuvert" advertising sleeve offers advertisers the opportunity to reach around 3 million households* and more than 2.7 million readers. “Das Kuvert” does more than just hold leaflets. It is also a successful advertising channel and a perfect addition to your media mix.

Adapted to everyday life

You will get the best advertising formats that target your customers in the best possible way in their everyday life, providing a good overview that is a good match for their busy lives.


Our customised solutions are tailored to you as our advertising client, providing the optimal solution for your advertising message.


Additional editorial content, puzzles, and coordinated content increase reading time and create a well-rounded overall concept.

Record reach despite the downward development of print publications

While most print publications show declining trends, "Das Kuvert" achieved a new record reach in 2022. The recently released 2022 CAWI Print Study confirms that more than 2.7 million readers per issue rely on information provided in "Das Kuvert" and the flyers it contains to save money, which is a new record reach of 42.7 percent (2021: 40.4 percent). At the same time, as one of Austria's most popular sources of information, "Das Kuvert" was also able to increase its brand awareness to a remarkable 85.5 percent (2021: 79.7 percent).

Especially among women, "Das Kuvert" is more popular than ever: 45.7 percent (2021: 42.2 percent) of female Austrians surveyed read it on a regular basis, which is an increase of 3.5 percent. At 46.2 percent or an increase of 3.2 percent, the advertising medium "Das Kuvert" also had an outstanding performance among householders. The regional gains are also particularly noteworthy. In the capital of Vienna alone, "Das Kuvert" increased its reach by 5 percent and is now at 34.4 percent. In the 30 to 39 age group, which is of particular interest to the advertising industry, "Das Kuvert" increased its reach by 2.4 percent to 38.1 percent.

Let us make the most of your money

This goal applies to our readers, but also to you as an advertiser. We no longer just reach households, we add value - with offers, deals, and content. We are part of everyday life. We provide added value that makes the most of your money and our readers' money.
"Das Kuvert" is an independent publication that is constantly evolving with great success. New editorial content, a diverse media mix, and the high practical value create a well-rounded overall concept and increase reading time. In addition, "Das Kuvert" has established itself as an extremely versatile advertising medium: from cover cooperations and advertorials to regional and national promotional activities or tip-on cards, anything is possible.

Saving money is quick and easy with "Das Kuvert"!  Would you too like to benefit from our record reach? If the answer is yes, do get in touch with us!


* As surveyed by Österreichische Post AG
** CAWI-Print 2022, 5,100 online interviews, 14 to 69 years, GfK Austria, 9 April to 13 July 2022.  RPI: Readers per issue (=reach of the publication)

For ads in Kuvert, please contact:

Österreichische Post AG
Werbepost Cover
Rochusplatz 1
1030 Vienna 
E-mail: sales.kuvert@post.at

If you have feedback or suggestions, please e-mail us at: office.kuvert@post.at

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