Das Kuvert - advertising to look forward to

Our advertising sleeve "Kuvert" published twice a week and the leaflets in it provide practical information and helpful tips as well as the latest offers, information about new products, and discounts to Austrian households.

For advertisers, Kuvert offers the opportunity of reaching 3 million households or 2.6 million readers. And yet, Kuvert does so much more than just hold leaflets. It is a very successful advertising channel itself and a great addition to your media mix.

Real-life relevance

You will get the very best advertising formats that reach customers in their everyday lives - the information is neatly presented and highly practical.


Our customised solutions are adapted to your needs as an advertising client and offer the very best advertising solutions available.


Additional editorial content, puzzles and coordinated content increase reading time and make for a well-rounded concept.

Kuvert advertising sleeve – the number 1 source of information 

While other media, such as TV and radio, are losing relevance, the latest CAWI print study 2021** underscores the relevance of Kuvert and the leaflets it includes. The latest results of this coverage study reveal that despite a small decrease in the use of print publications, Kuvert and the leaflets it contains remain one of the most popular sources of information for Austrians looking for the best offers and discounts.

With a total reach of 40.4 percent which amounts to 2.6 million readers per issue in the surveyed target audience between the ages of 14 and 69, Kuvert in 2021 once again scores an excellent reach and a high degree of public awareness (79.9%) on the advertising market. Advertising clients benefit from maximum reach and customer awareness.

Kuvert is especially popular among women: 42.2% of surveyed female Austrians read Kuvert. With 43%, Kuvert also reaches an excellent result among homemakers.

Let us make the most out of your money.

This principle guides us not only in our work for readers, but also for you as an advertising client. We go beyond just reaching households: we add value by providing offers, discounts, and editorial content that has real-life relevance. This added value will make the most out of your money and our readers’ money.

Our many advertising options range from cover cooperation to advertorials (inside pages) all the way to brand advertising. Regional advertising and tip-on cards are available as well.

More value, more Kuvert, and demonstrably so! Would you too like to benefit from our reach? If the answer is yes, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


* According to a study by Österreichischen Post AG
** CAWI-Print 2021, 5,100 online interviews, 14 to 69 years of age, GfK Austria, 12 April to 18 July 2021.
The indicated reach represents the value with the highest probability. The actual value lies within the statistical range with a 95% probability. RPI: 40.4%, range +/-1.4%; awareness: 79.7%, range +/-0.9%; maximum readership: 56.8% range +/- 1.3%. RPI: readers per issue (=reach of a communication channel)


For ads in Kuvert, please contact:

Österreichische Post AG
Werbepost Cover Rochusplatz 1
1030 Vienna 
E-mail: sales.kuvert@post.at

If you have feedback or suggestions, please e-mail us at: office.kuvert@post.at

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