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A more affordable life for every household

Our advertising sleeve Kuvert is issued twice a week and includes leaflets that provides Austrian households with practical information and useful tips about the latest deals, innovations, and discounts.

To advertisers, Kuvert offers the opportunity of reaching roughly 3 million households* or 2.8. million readers** Kuvert does more than just hold leaflets. It is also a successful advertising channel and a perfect addition to your media mix.

Reaching roughly 2.8 million contacts in times of social distancing

The latest CAWI print study 2020 reveals that Kuvert and the leaflets it contains continue to be one of the most popular sources of information among Austrians for finding great deals and discounts. In addition, Kuvert includes articles written by an editorial team, which our readers appreciated especially during these extraordinary times we experienced in 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

Kuvert has reached a record consumer awareness of 88.3 percent (2019: 87.7 percent), which means that 5.6 million Austrians are familiar with the product Kuvert. With a total reach of 43.6 percent per issue in the surveyed target group of adults between 14 and 69 years of age, Kuvert maintained the record reach of 2019 despite the coronavirus crisis. This corresponds to 2.8 million readers per issue. Just under four million people leaf through Kuvert on a regular basis to get information about the latest deals, which corresponds to 61.6 percent of surveyed people (2019: 61.5 percent).

Kuvert is especially popular among women: 45.9 percent (2019: 45.7 percent) of surveyed women in Austria read Kuvert. It is also quite remarkable that reach in the age group of 14 to 19-year-olds increased by roughly two percent to reach 17.6 percent, up from 15.8 percent in 2019. Kuvert also scored high with household decision-makers and reached 47.5 percent (2019: 47.1 percent). In addition, its reach also increased for people with a university degree: it was 35.4 percent in 2020 (2019: 34.8 percent).
Making the most of everybody's money

Available advertising options range from cover collaboration to advertorials (inside pages) all the way to marketing campaigns. Regional advertising and tip-on cards are also available.

Would you too like to benefit from our record reach? If the answer is yes, do get in touch with us!
* As surveyed by Österreichische Post AG
** CAWI-Print 2020, 5,100 online interviews, 14 to 69 years, GfK Austria, 9 March to 28 June 2020. Indicated reach percentages represent the value with the highest likelihood. The actual value lies within the statistical variability at a 95% probability. Readers per issue: 43.6%, statistical variability +/-1.4%; Consumer awareness: 88.3%, statistical variability +/-0.9 %; widest readership: 61.6%, statistical variability +/-1.3%. Readers per issue (=reach of the publication)



For ads in Kuvert, please contact:

Österreichische Post AG
Werbepost Cover Rochusplatz 1
1030 Vienna 
E-mail: sales.kuvert@post.at
Tel: +43 57767-24599
Fax: +43 1 4002 29 264

If you have feedback or suggestions, please e-mail us at: office.kuvert@post.at

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