Domestic parcel services for business clients

Use this service to have parcels sent straight to your preferred pickup station or preferred postal branch! This is a great choice for

1. Shipping to (online) clients
2. Shipping to your customer representatives and business clients

Convenient features:

  • Better service for your clients because they can choose an alternative delivery location
  • Increases the first attempt delivery success rate and customer satisfaction
  • Neutral and discreet mailing address
  • Pickup stations are accessible around the clock
  • Electronic notification will be sent as soon as the item is ready for pickup
  • Shipping available to all destinations in Austria

a) Shipping to your (online) clients 

Benefits for clients who receive items:

  • Your client has the option of choosing a different delivery location, e.g., one that is on their way home
  • Pickup stations are available for pickup 24/7
  • Happy clients thanks to increased flexibility and more convenient delivery

The master data for all preferred delivery stations and preferred postal branches are updated daily and are available here.

b) Shipping to your customer representatives and business clients

Send items that include spare parts and samples to your customer representatives (sales, maintenance, service, etc.) or business partners anywhere in Austria using a neutral mailing address provided by Österreichische Post.


  • Your parcel will reach your employees or partners swiftly and conveniently, even outside the office!
  • Just choose a preferred pickup station or preferred postal branch located close to where the recipient is and address your item to this pickup station or postal branch - we make things easy for you with our branch locator
  • After the electronic notification has been sent, the item will be available for pickup immediately
  • Recipients will receive their items faster than ever

Just indicate the following when posting your parcel:

  • The word "Wunsch-Abholstation" or "Wunsch-Postfiliale"
  • Recipient's (title), first name, and last name
  • Address of the selected preferred pickup station or preferred postal branch.
    (Do not indicate a mobile phone number or e-mail address on the parcel. When posting the parcel, ask for shipping to a preferred pickup station or preferred postal branch and provide the recipient's e-mail address or mobile phone number so that they can receive the electronic notification.)
  • Sample addresses:

Attn. Max Mustermann
Dresdner Straße 116-118
1200 Vienna

Wunsch-Postfiliale 1235
Attn. Marga Musterfrau
Liesinger Platz 2
1230 Vienna


Our sender information service has been created to inform clients via e-mail or text message about the upcoming delivery of their item.

Your benefits:

  • Increase customer satisfaction with comprehensive information
  • Improved first attempt delivery success rate thanks to information about the delivery time and ultimately:
  • faster transfer of cash-on-delivery payments
  • faster merchandise return
  • Company name can be included in the notification sent via text message or e-mail
  • Company logo can be displayed in e-mail notifications
  • Cash-on-delivery total can be indicated


  • Initial notification with scheduled delivery day provided by Österreichische Post when parcel is posted 
  • Second notification provided when the delivery person takes the item on the delivery tour

Successful online retailing needs swift and customised return solutions for national and international items.

At Österreichische Post, we offer the following solutions for your returns:

  • Adding a physical return label on items when sent to recipients (create them in our labelling centre)
  • Direct link for your clients that will take them to the return portal
  • Online service with data entry on your website for your clients abroad ("Easy Return Solution")
  • Return parcel DE for your clients in Germany

If you have any questions, our sales staff will be happy to help.

The reusable box by Österreichische Post is convenient and eco-friendly. This reusable and stackable product is made of plastic and can be closed and sealed. It comes with an integrated closing flap and is available in three sizes. Filled boxes are picked up from the sender daily and empties will immediately be taken back after delivery to the recipient.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Reduces packaging and decreases ARA costs
  • Boxes are lent out and delivered (empty) upon request
  • Boxes are stackable despite ther closing flap
  • Order can be filled right in the boxes
  • You can add your logo or advertising on the outside of two sizes (M2, M3)
  • An inexpensive cycle fee will be charged for every time the box is shipped

If you have any questions, our sales team staff will be happy to help.

Get gasoline, do your grocery shopping, and post parcels at the same time - the collaboration between OMV and Österreichische Post makes it happen. The OMV parcel service is straightforward and convenient.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Post returns and items franked with parcel stamps (except express parcel stamps)
  • Attractive opening hours, parking and swift service
  • You will receive a proof of posting that includes the tracking number
  • Use your tracking number to to go or the Österreichische Post app to check your item's status at any time
  • Selected OMV parcel points are also available as preferred postal branches

To see a list of all participating OMV filling stations, please visit: OMV filling station locator
For more information about our GTC, please visit