Stamps for business clients

To pay for postage for your ECO items, you can use stamps issued by Österreichische Post. Stamps cannot be used to pay for postage for PRIO letters. Stamps are and remain the most attractive and easiest way of paying for postage. In addition, they give every item a special and unique touch. Stamps are available at all Österreichische Post service locations, in our online shop and at many service locations for postal products (tobacconists, tourist information offices, stationery stores, etc.)


  • Stamps do not lose their validity. They can always be used to pay for the postage indicated by the face value.
  • If you are using several stamps, please place them next to each other and not one above the other. This is the only way for us to process items automatically and deliver them without delay.

MEINE MARKE - customised stamps for your business

MEINE MARKE are personalised stamps that you can design as needed. You can use your logo or another image to give your stamps a very personal touch. They will get the recipients' attention and make your business correspondence memorable.

Customised stamps

The image for your personalised stamps will be exactly as you want it. The margin is either yellow or blue and the country information can either say "Österreich" or "Austria". You can choose a face value between 55 and 999 cents.

Self-adhesive stamps

Self-adhesive stamps come on pre-perforated sheets that allow you to tear off sets of four, which makes them a great gift for your business clients.

Stamp format and price

Sizes Dimensions & format 
Total size 42 x 35 mm (portrait or landscape format) 
Image size 34 x 21 mm (landscape format, design of your choice)
27 x 29 mm (portrait format, design of your choice) 

The minimum order volume for MEINE MARKE personalised stamps is 100 units. As a general rule, these stamps are printed using 4-coulor process printing. For volumes of 20,000 and up, the use of specific colours is an option. To calculate the price for your MEINE MARKE personalised items, just use our convenient rate calculator.


  • Customised trademark
  • High advertising effect
  • Customised to fit your needs
  • Unique eye-catcher
  • Reflects high quality
  • High impact
  • Increases response rate
  • Can be posted in all letterboxes/postal branches
  • Multiple area of use

Stamps made to order

Go to to order the amount of personalised stamps you need. Just upload the image you would like to use. All you need is an image in JPG format. Österreichische Post will produce your personalised stamps within just four weeks of receiving and authorising the image. If you would like to order 10,000 units or more, please contact your customer advisor or call our customer service centre. 


Product information, MEINE MARKE personalised stamps (available in German only)