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Use this win-win situation for your benefit

Become a partner of Österreichische Post AG now and benefit from many advantages: as a partner of Österreichische Post, you will be operating an Österreichische Post service location for your municipality/city in your store. In addition to your own range of products and services, you will be offering comprehensive postal services as well as standard banking transactions and you will act as an intermediary for banking services.

This will translate into higher customer frequency and thus potential new clients as well as an additional remuneration commensurate with your performance.

Österreichische Post Partners come from many different backgrounds: grocery stores, department stores, tobacconists, filling stations, pharmacies, telecommunications, office supply stores, bookstores, tourism offices, to mention just a few. Would you also like to be one of our partners?

  • You will have additional earning potential thanks to remuneration commensurate with performance
  • You will gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.
  • You will win new clients thanks to increased customer frequency.
  • You will have a broader range of services to the delight of your clients.
  • There will be increased customer loyalty from new and existing clients.
  • You will benefit from Österreichische Post AG's strong advertising presence and good image ("strong brand").

  • Sufficient available retail space (5-6 m² sufficient storage)
  • Business license (Section 34 of the Austrian Commercial Code)
  • Highly competent presentation and service-oriented staff
  • Good accessibility and parking
  • Customer-friendly opening hours
  • Employees with IT expertise and a willingness to receive training
  • Wheelchair accessibility

1) Postal services

Receipt of letters, parcels, EMS items and advertising mail

On-site delivery of letters and parcels

2) Banking services

Carrying out standard transactions

Intermediary for banking services via a BAWAG P.S.K. customer assistant

3) Retail products

Sale of stamps, postcards and shipping boxes

Philatelic products, stamp booklets

e-vouchers (charging coupons and prepaid cards)


When it comes to selling retail products, you are free to choose the products that are a good match for your business. You can further increase your income by expanding your selection by adding more product modules.

For example:

  • Paper products, office supply and stationery
  • Cards for all occasions
  • Telecommunication products
  • CDs, DVDs etc.

Your benefits:

  • Increased customer frequency in your store
  • More business
  • Increased employee expertise
  • Increased turnover


  • We will provide all furnishings and equipment free of charge: counter including scales, cash register and all necessary technology (data connection, power line, telephone) and furniture for the back office
  • Signage and labelling on the outside – we make the brand Österreichische Post AG visible
  • Comprehensive training
  • Technical support and service hotline
  • Personal assistance by field employees of Österreichische Post and bank
  • Ongoing communication and information (Partner Magazine, newsletters, intranet platform etc.) about new products and the latest topics
  • Remuneration commensurate with performance
  • Additional remuneration for meeting quality criteria
  • Participation in advertising activities

Equipment at a typical Österreichische Post Partner:

  • Outside signage
  • Counter including scales and money drawer
  • Sideboard
  • Plastic display
  • Counter lamp
  • Poster frame format A1 (optional)
  • Cash register for counter (optional)
  • Telephone for direct communication with customers and the partner hotline

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