Testimonials, Austrian Post partners

Helmut Mödlhammer, President of the Austrian Association of Municipalities

"In recent years, partnerships with Österreichische Post have turned into a model of success. It goes without saying that it is not great news when a regular postal office has to close. However, in most cases, partnerships with Österreichische Post are a great opportunity for local businesses to increase customer frequency and turnover. Many municipalities have already become partners of Österreichische Post. We champion the cause of full postal services for everybody. Partnerships with Öster-reichische Post are a good option for making that happen."

Michaela Groiß, Nah&Frisch, filling station and tobacconist,
Österreichische Post Partner in 2803 Schwarzenbach and President of the Österreichische Post Partner advisory board

"The Österreichische Post advisory board is yet another interface between individual Öster-reichische Post Partners and the representatives of Österreichische Post AG. Whenever need-ed, the members of this advisory board get in touch with potential partners and inform them about the benefits of such a partnership. If existing partners experience problems or if they have questions, they can always turn to the members of our advisory board. Any problems will be discussed during individual meetings with Österreichische Post representatives and solu-tions will be sought.

Diethard Muhm, owner of UNIMARKT-Partner (UNIMARKT Pfeiffer Traun Upper Austria), Österreichische Post Partner in 3124 Oberwölbing

"I have been active as an Österreichische Post Partner since October 2009 and I especially appreciate the IT equipment provided by Österreichische Post. This makes our work swift and straightforward, which is very important for me and my 13 employees. As an entrepreneur, by offering postal services in addition to my other products and services, I can make more money. Our customers are also very satisfied because they shop at my store and they can take care of their postal needs at the same time."

Arnold Weixelbaumer, member of the regional government, Mayor and Österreichische Post Partner in the municipality 4180 Zwettl an der Rodl

“Neighbourhood stores, including postal services, make life better for everybody. Together, they are the pillar of a good quality of living, which is a great asset for municipalities and cus-tomers alike. Customers are thankful for high-quality postal services provided at the local level while also being very satisfied with having lively neighbourhood stores near them."

Fritz Hubmann, owner of Kaufhaus Hubmann, Österreichische Post Partner in 8510 Stainz

"Our philosophy is: we prefer the regional over the global, the personal over the impersonal and we are service-oriented and act in a spirit of partnership. Becoming an Östererreichische Post Partner is a great fit for us and has many advantages: our customers benefit from postal services and attractive opening hours, the municipality benefits from having additional neigh-bourhood services and as a business with approximately 80 employees, we benefit by being more attractive for our customers and having additional customer frequency and ultimately, increased earning potential. I am truly satisfied with the Österreichische Post partnership."