Use your mobile phone signature to get the green passport and other services

The mobile phone signature is an electronic signature for which you use your mobile phone. This turns your mobile phone into a virtual ID online and you can use it to digitally sign documents or invoices. Electronically signed documents have the same legally validity as documents signed on paper. The mobile phone signature can save you time-intensive trips to the authorities. At the same time, it protects users from unauthorized data changes or third-party access.

Four steps to your mobile phone signature (for private clients only)

  1. Sign up now
    PLEASE NOTE: your mobile phone signature will only be activated if your registration data match your data in the official Austrian population register exactly (e.g., middle name, first name-middle name)
  2. Once you have created your account, have it verified once at your postal branch
  3. Order the activation/revocation PIN for your mobile phone signature. You will receive it in the mail within a few days.
  4. Finish the activation process with the activation/revocation PIN
    Finish activation process


  • Take care of official business quickly and easily online
  • High security standard
  • Use is free of charge