The parcel stamp gets an upgrade! An improved version of the Paketmarke will be rolled out successively between September 7 and 12.

During this time, there may be deviations in the display on different devices.

The functions of the Paketmarke will not be restricted as a result.

What is new

  • "My Address Book" is here! The new address book can be used both as a separate area in the Post Account and directly in the parcel stamp. It allows you to edit and delete your contacts across services. 
  • We have redesigned the user-friendliness of the configuration screen. An improved visual division of the individual areas should make the creation of parcel labels easier and clearer. The new design was tested and optimized together with customers.

What will be better

  • The format of foreign addresses will be adjusted: The maximum number of valid characters for an address field has been increased. This allows longer information to be entered in the address line.
  • Entering personal data has been simplified: salutation, title, first name and last name can now be entered in a single field. This allows users to address "Family Muster", for example, if required.
  • Reusing the "Recipient info" is made easier: The selection of this special additional service as well as the associated e-mail address can be directly linked to a contact in the address book and saved for future use.
  • Saved contacts can be inserted more quickly: Logged-in users* can query and select contacts saved in the address book directly in the configuration via a search field.