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Correct and machine-readable addressing speeds up delivery. Find out here what you can do to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination as quickly as possible:

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Find out everything you need to know about franking your items quickly and easily.

To pay for postage for your ECO items, you can use valid stamps issued by Austrian Post.

If you are using several stamps, we recommend placing them next to each other and not one above the other. This makes your item easier to process automatically, which speeds up the delivery process.


Postage stamps are available here.

Design your customised stamp for any value of your choice up to 999 cents as postage for your items. All you need is your favourite image as a .jpg file. Explore this unique opportunity of sharing those memorable moments with friends and business partners while adding a very personal touch to your mail.

For all information and an online order form, please visit

We will be happy to take care of franking your domestic and international PRIO and ECO letters, starting at a volume of 30 items. You will save money and have the peace of mind that the postage will be correct. This service is available at a minimal additional cost: per letter, we charge EUR 0.19 per item in addition to postage and any additional services.

The following additional services are available:

  • Registered mail
  • Do not deliver to persons authorised to receive mail
  • Advice of receipt