We are yellow. We are green. We are colourful.

Diversity, along with sustainability and customer orientation, is a central guideline embedded in Austrian Post's corporate strategy. It plays a significant role not only within our teams but also in relation to our customers and stakeholders, as well as in the development and offering of diversity-sensitive products and services. As an international company, we benefit from our cross-border collaboration and see cooperation and appreciation of various ethnic backgrounds and cultures as fundamental to our shared success.

Colourful stands for variety and diversity, but what does that actually mean?

Diversity is often understood to mean gender or ethnic origin. But diversity is much more than that. Austrian Post brings together employees with a wide variety of religions and world views, age groups, mental and physical abilities, genders and sexual orientations, ethnic and social backgrounds and cultures.

At Austrian Post, diversity management involves recognizing the differences and similarities among all employees, customers, and stakeholders, and strategically seizing the opportunities they present. Appreciating diversity is a daily endeavour, and we strive to foster a (work) environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds feel they belong.

Diversity network

Against this background, our Austrian Post Diversity Network was established, currently comprising seven network groups, each with its own focus area. The goals and purposes of each network group vary according to their diversity dimension. However, they all share a common objective: addressing the challenges and development opportunities within our company in each dimension. Together, they develop current business needs, innovative measures, and solution proposals. Through our commitment, we send a message of diversity, respect, and tolerance both internally and externally.

More information about our network groups 

This dimension creates space to consider the needs of employees at different stages of their lives, whether it’s trainees, young professionals or employees whose personal circumstances change. A wide range of needs is addressed: from the development of working conditions to the transfer of knowledge before retirement. The goal is to comprehensively incorporate needs and develop solutions.

The measures in the "Accessibility" dimension aim to make Austrian Post more accessible as an employer and service provider. To achieve this, barriers and obstacles must be identified and approaches to reduce or eliminate them must be developed. Barriers include not only the structural conditions of the workplace but also the flexibility of workplace equipment and access to our services and offerings.  

These measures aim to promote respect and appreciation among employees and to eliminate existing barriers. We strive to offer better opportunities to colleagues with different ethnic backgrounds. In doing so, we focus on what unites us instead of on what divides us. We believe in developing initiatives that allow colleagues to support each other in challenging situations and ultimately learn from each other.

Comprehensive measures have already been implemented as part of various projects to promote the share of women in the company as a whole as well as women in management positions. The network group offers the opportunity to work together to make Austrian Post even more attractive as an employer for women in management positions and thus support the goal of having 40% of women in management positions by 2030.  

We believe in creating a working environment where there is no room for discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, thereby promoting awareness throughout the company. By gender identity, we understand a person’s gender-specific classification or their self-concept of which gender they identify with (e.g., male, female, non-binary, intersex, undefined, etc.). The term “sexual orientation”, on the other hand, is independent of gender and includes all sexual orientations, such as heterosexual, homosexual, and pansexual orientations.

Raising awareness and appreciation for our employees' different religious beliefs and worldviews is intended to highlight the cultural diversity among us as colleagues and to send a signal of diversity and inclusion both internally and externally.

Our active parental leave management has been created to support employees in all corporate areas return to their jobs. At our central functions, hybrid work is an essential part of our work culture. Not only parents benefit from these offers, but also employees who are caregivers for relatives. This dedicated network group aims to define additional measures and best practices that further promote work-family balance.