Flexibox instructions

After you have received your Post Flexibox, you can conveniently set up a release delivery authorisation online.

  1. Choose the following product: "Letterbox + preferred place of deposit".
  2. For the place of deposit, choose: "In the Flexibox".
  3. Next, you will need to enter the serial number which you will find on your Post Flexibox. 
  4. Nothing changes for the item type, so just scroll down.
  5. Choose the starting date you need.
  6. Please add all persons who will be using the Post Flexibox. Go to "my data" first to create an entry for them.
  7. Choose the location where your Post Flexibox will be used.

Please note: currently, no new Post Flexiboxes can be ordered. However, you can register any existing Post Flexiboxes and use them as a place of deposit.