Austrian Postal and Telegraph Museum Eisenerz

Located in Eisenerz, the mountain city in the historic region of Styria, the Austrian Postal and Telegraph Museum awaits you.

The museum is housed in the historical premises of the Kammerhof and, as early as the 19th century, it captivated its guests when it served as a hunting lodge for Emperor Franz Joseph I. Today, it offers its visitors exciting, lovingly designed, and comprehensive insights into the postal and telegraph services from the imperial era to the present.

Discover historically and culturally valuable exhibits, such as:

  • A roadworthy and accessible mail coach
  • An original imperial and royal post office from around 1900
  • Postal historical documents, writing and office utensils
  • Historical and current telephone exchanges

The collection also includes mailboxes from all over the world and theme-specific philatelic materials, providing an impression of the postal service around the globe.

Opening hours

May to October from Wednesday to Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Postal and Telegraph Museum Eisenerz
Schulstraße 1
8790 Eisenerz

Tel: +43 664 624 4894 and +43 664 487 0222

Austrian Post Museum

Special exhibitions: periodically changing special exhibitions highlight different aspects and make every visit a new experience.

Austrian Post Museum

Children's post office: our dedicated children’s post office shows how telecommunications worked before the advent of mobile phones and the internet. Our little visitors will get a realistic idea of this era unknown to them.

Austrian Post Museum

Postal cinema: in our old-school postal cinema, you can watch films that document the past 100 years of Austrian postal and telegraphy history.