Austro Tatra 57A 16.02.2024

Special stamp Tatra

The Austro Tatra 57A was a successful automobile from the 1930s, produced in Austria.

Following World War I, the Nesselsdorf Wagenbau-Fabriks-Gesellschaft in Moravia became the Ringhoffer-Tatra AG, based in Prague. Initially, there was only a workshop in Austria, but later automobiles were also assembled there. In 1936, Austro Tatra was established as an independent company, with manufacturing taking place in Vienna-Simmering. In 1963, Austro Tatra became Ringhoffer GmbH, which was eventually closed in 1980. The Tatra 57, with its "flat iron front", air-cooled four-cylinder engine, and central tube frame, was designed by the legendary Austrian automobile designer Hans Ledwinka in the early 1930s, followed by the 57A around 1935 with a 1.15-litre engine capacity and approximately 20 horsepower. In Vienna, it was produced mainly as a convertible, sedan, or small truck under the name Austro Tatra 57A.

Value: 3 euros
First day of issue: 02.03.2024
Stamp size: 42.00 x 34.80 mm
Graphic design: David Gruber
Printing: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B.V.
Printing technique: offset printing
Quantity: 210,000 stamps on sheets of 50 stamps

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