Jumper 05.10.2023

Special brand sweater

A wintry wool jumper with a penguin as a stamp: introducing a truly unique way to frank your mail.

With the right clothing, you can still enjoy the great outdoors even in the frosty season. It’s fun and boosts your immune system. After the mitten and wool hat, the jumper is the latest addition to the philatelic winter wardrobe.
A jumper doesn't just need to be warm; it should also look good or at least stand out, and this miniature sheet certainly fits the bill. The little red penguin on it is surrounded by snowflakes and fir trees and will make you want to go for a winter walk. Popular jumper designs, especially around Christmastime, include not only traditional patterns and animals but also humorous cartoons or Santas. The stamp was once again printed on flocked paper, and the jumper shape with the typical perforation for stamps has been die-cut.

Value: EUR 4.50
First day of issue / available from: 21 October 2023
Stamp size: 39.00 x 46.00
Graphic design: David Gruber
Printing: Cartor Security Printing
Quantity: 150,000 stamps on sheets of 1 unit each 

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