Day of issue of the "Ferdinand Porsche - electric automobile" commemorative stamp

Electromobility is a highly topical issue, and yet Ferdinand Porsche developed the first electrically powered car as early as 120 years ago. This car is now the centrepiece of the series “Austrian inventions“. The car has been rebuilt in its original form and will be on display at the FAHR(T)RAUM museum in Mattsee starting January.

Day of issue of the "Ferdinand Posche - electric automobile" commemorative stamp, Austrian inventions series

27 January 2023, 10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Fahr(t)raum Museum, Passauerstraße 30, 5163 Mattsee

Left to right: Patricia Liebermann (Head of Philately), Jakob Iglhauser (managing director), Rudolf Spieler (ABS Salzburg), Helmut Zauchner (Obmann ABSV Salzburg), Helmut Kogler (President, VÖPh), Michael Schwarzmayr (mayor)
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First day Ferdinand Porsche
First day Ferdinand Porsche
First day Ferdinand Porsche