Vacation hold mail for business clients

While your business is closed for vacations, we will safely hold your business mail with our vacation hold mail service and deliver your mail to you upon your return.


How can I set up the vacation hold mail service?

  1. Request online
  2. Set up at your postal branch
    To set up the vacation hold mail service, we need an official picture ID of the person authorised to sign.
    Find postal branch and set up vacation hold mail 



  • No more overflowing letterboxes
  • No indication the business is closed
  • No more missed deadlines (RSa and RSb letters will be returned to the sender)
  • Delivery as needed after you return from your vacation




Options  Euro (net)  Euro (gross) 
1 weeks 10.75  12.90 
2 weeks 12.42  14.90 
4 weeks 16.58  19.90 


 Additional services Euro (net)  Euro (gross) 
Delivery on the day of your choice   12.50  15.00 
Delivery on the day and at the time of your choice  12.50  15.00 

Go to GTC
All relevant information is available under "GTC - Vacation hold mail".