Customs Information, International Letter Mail

Customs regulations for exporting letters with merchandise

All letters with merchandise that weigh up to 2 kg mailed to countries outside the EU (third countries) are subject to a customs declaration as defined by applicable customs regulations.

  1. List of EU countries and excepted areas in the EU (e.g. Heligoland, Büsingen, etc.)
  2. Required customs forms for non-EU countries and excepted areas in the EU
  • Up to SZR 300 (currently EUR 359) 
    CN 22 customs form
  • SZR 300 and up (currently EUR 359)
    CN 23 customs form

For specific countries, please research all applicable export and import regulations as well as customs regulations.

In addition, general prohibitive provisions as defined in our GTC International Letter Mail apply.

Customs clearance for importing letters with merchandise
When importing letters with merchandise from third countries, the recipient will be charged the following fees provided that the item content is subject to customs duties:

  • Import duties (import VAT, customs duties)
  • Customs handling fee in the amount of EUR 10