ECO BUSINESS letters for business clients

As a contractual client, you can use our inexpensive ECO BUSINESS letter option with delivery within 4 to 5 business days after posting for your business mail. 

How inexpensive shipping as ECO BUSINESS letter mail works:

  • Deliver your items (minimum volume 1,000 units) directly to one of our Österreichische Post distribution centres.
  • Print the following franking impression for ECO BUSINESS letters on the upper right-hand corner of your items:

If you want the franking impression to be part of the direct addressing of your ECO BUSI-NESS letters (in the window, on the address label or directly on the item above the address), just use the franking impression with the wording

"B Österreichische Post AG Eco Business Brief"

Please note that there needs to be an empty line between this franking impression and the addressee’s address. The minimum font size for the franking impression is 10 pt.

  • Create a machine processable layout for your items because machine processability is required for all items posted at ECO BUSINESS letters. For detailed information about how to design your letter mail items, please see our "Correct addressing" brochure. Alternatively, you can just ask your customer advisor, our customer service center at 0800 212 212 to check your design. This service is also available online.
  • Please use the posting list for ECO BUSINESS letters available in the download area and enter your customer information, volume and weight of your items or use our software
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All relevant information is available under "GTC domestic letter mail" and "GTC ECO Business domestic letter mail."

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