Registered mail and additional services for business clients

Use our registered mail service for important business letters. We will confim that they have been posted and will document delivery. In addition, the content of your item will be insured against loss, theft, and damage for up to EUR 75. The registered mail service and other additional services are available for PRIO items only.

Depending on how important the content is, you can make your registered mail even safer by combining it with other additional services (deliver to addressee only, advice of receipt, do not deliver to persons authorised to send mail, etc.)

Among others, this shipping option is a great choice for:

  • Contracts
  • Notices of termination
  • Important documents
  • Application documents
  • Legal correspondence
  • Tax declarations
  • Bank information
  • Merchandise
  • etc.

The following services are only available in combination with "registered mail" (except "item tracking").

Our additional service "item tracking" is available for our basic products PRIO packets S and PRIO packets M. Österreichische Post will confirm that the item has been posted and delivery will be documented.

Both sender and recipient can use the tracking number to go and track the item's status. This additional service "item tracking" cannot be combined with other addtional services (e.g., registered mail, etc.)

Items whose dimensions exceed length + width + height = 900 mm and up to a format of L 1000 mm x W 600 mm x H 600 mm can only be sent with our additional service "item tracking".

Your item will also be insured against loss, theft, and damage for up to EUR 50.

When posting a registered mal item at the counter, you have the option of paying an additional fee for our "sender information" service which allows you to provide your e-mail address or mobile phone number. You will then receive a notification as soon as the item has been delivered.

This service is only available in Austria. Sender information can be used for up to 50 items.

At an additional charge of EUR 2.20, you can use our service "deliver to addressee only" to have the item delivered to the addressee only or to a person authorised to receive mail on their behalf.

The information "Eigenhändig" ("deliver to addressee only") must be clearly visible on the item's address side. This service is only available in combination with our "registered mail" service.

For an additional EUR 1.50, your item will only be delivered to the addressee in person and not to a person authorised to receive mail.

This service is only available in combination with our services "registered mail" and "deliver to addressee only". The information "Nicht an Postbevollmächtigte" ("do not deliver to persons authorised to receive mail") must be clearly visible above the address.

An advice of receipt is proof that your registered mail has been received and that the recipient has signed for it. This advice of receipt will then be forwarded to you and you will be able to see who accepted your item. This additional service is EUR 2.20. Advices of receipt are available free of charge at all Österreichische Post service locations.

This service is only available in combination with registered mail. The information "Übernahmeschein" ("advice of receipt") must be clearly visible on the item's address side.


In exceptional cases, letter mail items might not reach their destination. In this case, you can request our item inquiry service for registered letter mail and we will seach for the lost item.

Item inquiries can be requested for domestic or international registered mail items 5 days after posting and within our inquiry deadlines. The following deadlines apply:

  • 3 months for parcels and EMS items
  • 6 months for registered mail items and insured letters

In the case of international items, it makes sense to wait 2-3 weeks (depending on the country of destination) before requesting an item inquiry.

Information required for item inquiries:

  • valid tracking number (see proof of posting)
  • detailed description of content

For items from international destinations, inquiries can only be initiated by the sender via the logistics server in the country of question.


Posting list, PRIO packets S with item tracking (available in German only)