More categories, more winners!

As part of the "Golden Horn", we will be presenting awards in 8 categories.

For submissions for the categories Leaflet, top "Das Kuvert" cover, direct mailing as well as catalogue and customer magazine (new incl. company newspaper & company newspaper light) please use our online form starting 1 February 2024.  

You will automatically participate in the categories Digital Out of Home, best e-mail and best digital leaflet powered by Aktionsfinder. There is no need to make a submission via an online form. If you do not agree with this participation, please contact us in writing by e-mailing us. For detailed information, please see the conditions of participation indicated below.


Austrian consumers will vote for the best leaflets in the categories food retail, retail, leisure, and regional.

The top "Kuvert" cover

All eyes on the Kuvert advertising sleeve! Can your cover score with Austrian consumers?

Direct mailings

Submit your best addressed direct advertising item, whether it's a "Kuvert" mailing, self-mailer or card.

Catalogues and client magazines

Do you send out catalogues and customer magazines (incl. company newspapers) that stand out from the rest? Go ahead and submit your projects!

Digital Out of Home

Have you booked our Austrian Post window advertising? In that case, your ad will automatically participate in the competition.

Best e-mail

Do your newsletters achieve amazing open and click rates? In that case, your e-mail might be in for an award.

Best digital leaflet powered by Aktionsfinder

Which leaflet achieves the best performance? Among all clients, Aktionsfinder will be honouring the winners in the following categories: national and regional.

Special sustainability award (leaflets)

We believe in sustainability, which is why a jury of experts will be presenting a special award for leaflets produced with maximum attention to sustainability.

Conditions of participation


All submitted leaflets must have been sent as Info.Post items in Austria. The dedicated Info.Post GTC as updated on 1 January 2023 apply ( 

You can submit your project in a total of four categories. The volume will determine the category.

  • For 100,000 items and up, you can submit your project in an industry-specific category.
  • For a volume of under 100,000 items, you can submit your project in the "Regional" cross-industry category.

Industry-specific categories

Food retail
This includes traditional food retailers whose product range consists mostly of food items.

This category includes clothing, shoes, drugstores, and furniture stores.


This category includes stores for sporting goods and apparel, tourism, and events, as well as electronics stores, DIY stores, garden centres, and pet stores.

Cross-industry categories

For leaflets with regional distribution and a volume of a maximum of 100,000 items per project (the volume refers to the brand and not to individual buying groups).

Every submitted leaflet was sent to private households in the time frame between 1 January and 31 December 2023 with a minimum volume of 100,000 items (except the "Regional" cross-industry category with a maximum of 100,000 items).

All submissions must be made online using the submission form. To participate, you need to accept our conditions of participation

Special sustainability award (leaflets)

For the special "sustainability" category, you can submit one project only. Only unaddressed advertising items (Info.Post) are eligible.

For your project to be considered for the special award, please provide proof (confirmation by the lettershop) of one of the following environmental certificates:
FSC, PEFC, Austrian Ecolabel, Blue Angel, EU Ecolabel, CO2-neutral delivery.
In terms of content, all submitted projects must promote sustainable products/services or sustainability programmes.

All submissions must be made online using the submission form. To participate, you need to accept our conditions of participation.  


Best digital leaflet powered by Aktionsfinder

From 1 January to 31 December 2023, all existing Aktionsfinder clients will participate in this competition. By participating, you accept our conditions of participation

Clients who do not accept our conditions of participation cannot participate.
Please e-mail any comments to


2024 eligibility criteria (available in German only)