Eqology | Fulfillment

Eqology, founded as Shine in 1998, is a pioneer in high-quality food and dietary supplements. The partnership between Eqology and Post Systemlogistik in 2023 marked a crucial turning point for both companies. Our shared goal: to intensify proximity to the end customer while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of logistics processes.

Thanks to the strategic partnership with Post System Logistics and Austrian Post, previous challenges faced by Eqology in the area of parcel logistics, such as inadequate delivery times, quality deficiencies in delivery to the end customer, and a high return rate, were successfully overcome.

As a result of the implementation of efficient logistics processes and a drastic improvement in delivery times, the following results were achieved:

  • shorter paths to end customers and optimised cash flow
  • significant increase in customer willingness to purchase
  • a marked decrease in complaints and a damage/return rate of under 0.05%

The success of this collaboration is reflected not only in the numbers, with growth of over 50% within a few months, but also in the positive feedback from our key personnel Asgeir Naalsund (COO) and Mateusz Pluta (Senior Logistics Manager). Both emphasise the professional and collaborative work and highlight the outstanding structure and organisation that have enabled a highly efficient operation.

The achievements underscore the sustainable growth and diverse development opportunities that arise from close and customer-oriented cooperation. We look forward to a future characterised by growth, sustainability, and further milestones.

Eqology visiting the distribution center